• Rob Johnston

    Rob Johnston

  • Dan Turchin

    Dan Turchin

    Dad, husband, entrepreneur. Co-founder @astound_ai. Formerly @BigPanda, @ServiceNow, Aeroprise. Proud of calloused feet from the Silicon Valley hot coal walk.

  • Gabe Huertas del Pino

    Gabe Huertas del Pino

  • Sid McLaurin

    Sid McLaurin

    Ocean Conservation. Running. Drones. Tech. Venture Capital. #teamfuqua // Previous PM for Industrial Computers @SiemensII http://youtu.be/FjyAJZzGS3s

  • Yasin Abbak

    Yasin Abbak

    CEO @fantasylifeapp (@yasin) | Previously @jpmorgan @MorganStanley | Board @American_Heart @DrewCRCC | Investor @boomset | @youfoundyasin on social | ENTJ

  • Doug Grubba

    Doug Grubba

    Web/Mobile Applications

  • Gregg Bordes

    Gregg Bordes

  • Brian Watson

    Brian Watson

    Building SaveMeASeat.io in public. Executive MBA student at Duke. Portfolio Manager in corporate venture capital.

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